COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Plan
Updated - August 12, 2020


Cornerstone Assembly has created a COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Plan which will be used until such time as the Cornerstone Assembly Board and the Nova Scotia Health Authority deem that it is no longer necessary. The restrictions and recommendations in this plan can change based on changes to the Provincial, Federal, and Municipal restrictions and recommendations, as well as by decision of the Cornerstone Assembly Board. Below you will find an abridged version of the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Plan.


The purpose of this plan is to:

  • demonstrate the sacrificial love of Christ by taking every precaution to keep our congregation safe and healthy including protecting the vulnerable.
  • mitigate the risks of spreading the COVID-19 virus.
  • provide actionary outlines for: staff and volunteer responsibility; necessary training; communication plans; continual monitoring of changes to Federal, Provincial, and Municipal guidelines and regulations.


Attendance and Social Distancing

Maximum occupancy (including staff and volunteers): 75

How will we track attendance and occupancy?

  • A tally will be kept as people arrive to track current occupancy. Maximum occupancy will be strictly enforced.
  • In order to provide accurate information in the case of contact tracing being required, attendance will be kept using information gathered with Connect Cards.
  • Connect Cards will be used to collect the following information: Name, email, address, phone number.
  • Connect Cards will be kept confidential and be destroyed after 2 weeks.

How will we ensure social distancing?

  • People will line up outside on the wheelchair ramp. The ramp will be marked at 6 ft increments.
  • Greeter at the front door will let people inside in measured numbers to ensure social distancing and reduce crowding in the lobby.
  • One way traffic or spaces needed for waiting in line will be marked out with arrows and signage where needed.
  • Seating will be clearly labeled to ensure social distancing. Only every other pew will be used, and pew backs will be labeled to help you identify a 6 ft distance between you and the next person/households.
  • Rows will be dismissed in an orderly fashion and asked to leave immediately without loitering in the lobby.
  • Tithes, Offerings, and Connection cards will be collected upon exit in two buckets placed on a table at the back of the auditorium.
  • Those that wish to socialize with others must do so while maintaining social distancing and staying in their seats.
  • The lobby is to be used as an entrance/exit only and not for socializing.
  • Stairs will be used by 1 person/household at a time.
  • Bathrooms in the lower auditorium will be used by only 1 person/household at a time.


Illness, PPE, and Sanitation

How will we reduce the risk of someone attending while they are ill?

  • A 3-level symptom check will be used to remind attendees, staff, and volunteers of symptoms and other other reasons that would preclude them from attending services.
    • First Level - Online Communication
    • Second Level - Clear signage outside entrance
    • Third Level - Confirmation by greeter
  • If someone become sill during the service (attendee, volunteer, or staff), they will be able to go home and enjoy services online until their symptoms have resolved.
  • Signs will be posted to encourage a variety of practices that can help to reduce the spread of viruses.

What will happen if someone attends, and later tests positive for COVID-19?

  • Any protocols and procedures required by the Nova Scotia Health Authority will be followed.
  • The Board and staff will be notified.
  • In-person services will be cancelled for the 2 weeks.

What PPE protocol is being implemented?

  • Non-medical masks are to be worn by everyone in attendance, with the exception of those leading service elements from the stage which require speaking or singing (worship leading and preaching).
  • Face shields are not to be used in place of a face mask.
  • Staff and volunteers will be informed of proper mask use.
  • Staff and volunteers will be provided with disposable masks if they do not have their own.
  • Attendees will be responsible to bring their own.
  • Posters will be posted outlining proper mask use.
  • Gloves will be provided for sanitation teams.

How will we provide for proper hand hygiene?

  • Bathrooms will be stocked with plenty of soap, paper towels, and hands-free garbage cans.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the building.

How will we clean and disinfect the building?

  • Custodial staff and volunteers will clean and disinfect.
  • Frequently touched areas (Pews, door handles, light switches, tables), bathrooms, and nursery will be cleaned at before and after service.
  • Debit machine will be cleaned after each use.
  • We will use a disinfectant which has been approved by the Government of Canada for use against COVID-19.


Changes to Usual Activities

How will high risk activities be adapted?

  • Singing - Will be done with masks (except for those leading the singing)
  • Communion - Will not be served
  • Coffee service - Will not be served
  • Snacks - Will not be served

What changes are being made to GLO Kids ministry?

  • Sunday Services will be Family Services - Children will remain with their parents and invited to engage in the service.
  • Worship Bags will be provided to help kids engage in the service in developmentally appropriate ways.
  • The first 2 rows are reserved for families to help reduce distractions that may hinder kids from being able to engage.
  • Children will need to remain with their parents, including being escorted to the washroom.
    Service planning will include intentional elements to engage kids.